What is yatai?


Yatai means 'Street food cart' in Japanese, and yatai were the first places sushi was sold in Tokyo in the late 1700s . Sushi began as a street food for the working class coming home from work and the late night drinking crowd coming home from the bars. This yatai is taking sushi back to its roots, to a delicious street food we can eat all day! 

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Yatai specializes in fresh, healthy spring rolls, sushi hand rolls and hot soups. We offer a variety of vegan and vegetarian options. We're inspired by delicious, affordable and fresh street foods from around the world and sushi hand roll shops in Australia. Our food is light and good for you, yet filling and delicious. 


We work from a local kitchen, where we store all our fish and ingredients and do all our preparation. Our fish is purchased from reliable wholesalers, including Seattle Fish Company, who receive it 3 times daily by plane. While on the cart, all products are kept in cold storage. Additionally, we wear gloves and maintain an extremely clean workspace.

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